I don't care what time it is. It's ALWAYS Chai Time in my world!

Chai rice pudding Recipe from Simply Fruit Rice Pudding
Spiced Chai Tea is a flavour profile that I use in many of my fruit Rice Pudding Recipes

Hot spiced Chai Tea is one on my favourite hot drinks. I use my own 'from scratch' chai tea recipe in many of my fruit rice pudding flavours. The warm sweet spices work well with many fruits. I will post one of my chai infused flavours shortly but I thought it would be nice to share my spiced chai tea recipe with you.

People often comment that they think of chai as some elaborate complex 'out of reach' recipe that they couldn't make for themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. The base of this recipe consists of tea simmered in water with a sweetener and spices. If you like it spicier in flavour, just let the tea and spices simmer longer. If you like your chai with milk, as in a hot chai latte, just add heated warmed milk to the steeped tea mixture and enjoy.

You can also make an iced chai tea latte by steeping the tea and spices, draining out the solid ingredients and chilling the liquid. When you are ready to make a cold chai, just mix the cold spiced tea mixutre with some cold milk. Experiment with the ratio of spiced tea versus the cold milk until you find the balance that you like.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can easily double it's size. The steeped tea liquid can be cooled and stored in an air tight jar or container in the fridge for up to a week. It can be reheated with milk, whenever you would like to enjoy a hot chai. That's even faster than a drive thru! Plus, it saves you starting from scratch each time. I must also mention that you can enjoy this tea without adding any milk or alternative milks. Likewise, you don't have to add sugar. I find that some sugar does help to bring the flavours alive but, that comes down to individual preference

What you will need: A medium sized pot, a small strainer or slotted metal spoon


4 cups of water

2 orange Pekoe bags

1/4 cup brown sugar or maple syrup

2 cinnamon Stick, broken in a few pieces

1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger root, sliced thinly, (or chopped fine if you want it spicier)

5 whole cloves

1 star anise

5 cardamom pods, crushed on the back of a spoon to release the flavours

milk (optional)

Simply Fruit Rice Puddings spiced chai tea recipe for poaching fruit.
Hot chai tea spices slowly steep on the stove to release all of the flavours.


  1. In a medium sized pot mix all ingredients excluding the milk

  2. On a medium heat, bring the whole mixture to a slow boil, reduce the heat and allow it to simmer, covered, for 10 minutes (or remove the tea bags, place the lid on the pot and allow the mixture to steep longer if you like a spicier flavour)

  3. Strain out all of the spices and tea bags or, using a metal slotted spoon, fish out the loose ingredients

  4. Fill your favourite mug halfway full with warmed milk. To that, add some of the hot spiced chai tea liquid. Add as much of the tea as you like, depending on how strong you like your chai and Enjoy.

  5. Cool and reserve the rest of the chai liquid in a sealed

  6. container. Place it in the fridge until you want to make more.

  7. If you like an iced chai latte, allow the liquid to cool in the fridge. Fill a glass half way full with some of the spiced chai liquid and add cold milk until it is to the colour and flavour that you prefer. Again, Enjoy! It IS that Simple!

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