So, why Gluten free, Dairy Free, Nut free?

Our Simply Fruit Rice Puddings were created to be Gluten & Dairy free, Vegan and free of all tree nuts, corn, soy and sulfites. When people hear this, they sometimes enquire 'Did you design the product line this way because you have many allergies?' The fact is that I don't have any allergies at all. During the winter of 2014/15, as I was dreaming up my new business idea, creating my unique recipes and trying to figure out what my new product would look like, taste like and be, I decided, 'for fun!', to try living a month without dairy, gluten or animal products. Understand that I love my morning lattes, my home baked butter scones and all things pasta, so this was going to be an interesting few weeks for me.

By about the second week, I was getting a bit bored with oatmeal and my 'everything but the kitchen sink' fruit and vegetable salads for breakfast and lunch. By the end of week 3 and 4, I was thinking 'What the heck do people with these major allergens eat?!' I am a bit of a foodie and know my way around a commercial and catering kitchen with great ease so I am never stuck for ideas. But, what about all of those people that don't like to cook or simply don't have the time to cook the foods that they want/need. I also felt saddened for all of the school age kids that had a dairy or other major allergy. What were these young people taking to school for lunch while their classmates enjoyed their yogurt or other dairy based puddings. With these questions in mind, I set out to re-develop and rework my whole product line and each recipe, over and over, each time removing yet another major allergen. I decided that I wanted my products to be a healthful breakfast alternative, loaded with fruit and great taste. What they have evolved into, thus far, is a wonderful breakfast option, a great 'anytime' snack food and/or dessert.

In the end, I wanted to eliminate all major allergens and provide a quality fresh and/or frozen product that would be equally enjoyed by people that don't have any sensitivities.

This fruit rice pudding line started out it's long journey as a fruit scone line, full of wheat, butter, cream and sweetness. I believe my fruit rice puddings are just as tasty as my original fruit scones but now they are way more healthy and user friendly, to more people.

Take the Simply Fruit Rice Pudding Recipe challenge today! I hope that you enjoy them. And, stay tuned for the newest and latest developments in my product evolution because nothing seems to stay the same for long. There are always new recipes, flavors and natural sweeteners to explore.

Potential allergens: all of our products contain a light coconut milk. great for kids lunches and schools allergen free
Simply Fruit Rice Puddings are great for breakfast, lunch or anytime snack break

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