So, you've heard of pink lemonade...

pink lemons in fruit rice puddings
Pink Lemons are more intensely lemony but less sharp than regular lemons

Well, Surprise! It's made from pink lemons... Yes, there really is such a fruit. I only discovered this about 6 weeks ago. To top it off, I had bought a pink lemon tree 3 years ago and it sits on my back step all summer long. Not sure how I didn't put 2 + 2 together to get 4....

Any which way, these little beauties are great fun to work with. They are smaller, sweeter and more lemony tasting than their yellow cousins... and, they're just plain cute! I found them at Loblaws. Not all of their stores carry them and they aren't that easy to find in the store either. When in doubt, ask a produce employee to be sure.

So far, I've made a Pink Lemon & Fresh Thyme Rice Pudding and just recently, I made a Pink Lemon, Cardamom & Vanilla Rice Pudding... Both were wonderful combinations of flavor and sweetness.

One of my customers at the Carp Market told me that, in Florida, people eat them right off of the tree... like an orange, I guess.... I customers certainly haven't seen the last of this fruit.. I'm thinking 'Cherry & Pink Lemon' Rice Pudding, sometime soon .... Stop by the Carp Market and have a taste.. see you there!

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