It's a texture thing!

low texture and full textured fruit rice puddings
Fruit rice puddings have different textures depending on the fruits used in them

When I speak to customers at the Carp Farmer's Market and offer them samples of my fruit Rice Puddings to try, each week there are a few people that tell me that they don't like Rice Pudding because of the texture...

Even if they try my flavors and like the tastes, they can't get past the texture. I fully commiserate with them because I have the same 'texture thing' in regards to tapioca pudding. Even as a kid, the feel of that in my mouth was brutal! Many parents of young children find it a challenge to find healthy foods that their kids enjoy because of the 'texture' thing.

As I'm constantly speaking with people to hear their opinions, I recently polled people to find out whether or not the 'texture' thing also applied to apple sauce... Interestingly enough, people didn't have any difficulty with the texture of apple sauce. This made me wonder if perhaps this would be a desireable rice pudding 'texture' option for people. I will now be introducing at least one flavor a week, at the Carp Farmer's Market, as an 'apple sauce smooth' option. I don't think that it'll be necessary to puree it to a 'smoothie' smoothness but, I'll have to wait and see.... I'm sure that I'll try both ways over the coming weeks.

My main interest in this 'de-texturized' rice pudding is to find a happy medium that will make it more palatable for the majority of children in daycare and breakfast/lunch progams. With my rice puddings being gluten free, vegan, free of dairy, nut, corn and soy, it is a wonderful light, healthy snack food alternative to apple sauce or other prepackaged sugary snacks that do contain gluten and dairy. I can make my Fruit Rice Puddings in just about any flavor requested. See my Fully Customized Ordering page for more details on this and my other available custom options.

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