Seeding Fruits.. the easy way!

Seeding fruits... the easy way!

I love the taste of berries in my Fruit Rice Puddings but I'm not a fan of their pesky seeds. I used to spend copious amounts of time removing the seeds from my fruit sauces before adding the fruits to my puddings. I would puree the fruit then push them/press them through a sieve or china cap sieve. It was a long drawn out affair, especially considering the large volume of fruit that I put into each of my fruit rice puddings.

This process of pushing the juice past the seeds only made for blocked holes in the sieve. I made a recent joyful discovery 2 weeks ago while straining raspberry seeds out of their juice. I found that the fastest, most effective way to do this 'de-seeding' was to pour the pureed fruit, with seeds, into a small holed hand strainer, and to tap or flip the strainer's contents up into the air slightly. (Picture a person panning for gold in a river bed). It's the same motion. What results is an unclogged sieve. The seeds actually all end up accumulated in the sieve basket, freely and in a large cluster, leaving the juice to pour effortlessly out the bottom.. I tried it a subsequent time with blackberries and had the same result. Two kilos of blackberries, seeds removed, with in minutes. Oh, happy days!

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