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Our Fruit Infusions

rose hip infusions add a nice tartness to fruit sauces and teas
Dried rose hips are the seed pods that remain after the rose flower dies

At Simply Fruit Rice Puddings, we love to experiment with interesting and new flavors, fruits and fruit combinations. We create many new flavors each week at the Carp Farmer's Market. We are constantly pushing the sensory boundaries and because of this, we have discovered ( and, at times, stumbled upon) many awesome new flavors , tips and tricks.

In our kitchen, we love to introduce new tastes, flowers, herbs, teas, spices, etc. that we may not currently be familiar with and then design a new flavor around it. With practice, experience, and sometimes luck, we strive to discover what 'works' together, which fruits, sweeteners and other tastes could be combined to make a unique and enjoyable flavor combination.

Then comes the tricky part.... Attention is taken as to the quantity, timing and duration that these flavors are introduced to our fruit sauces and/or rice. Too little of any of these variables and the flavor disappears. Too much, and the new flavor can take over the whole show. For us, this is a big part of the fun . If we don't get the result that we're after the first time, we push on with our efforts, with hopes of creating something wonderful on subsequent attempts.

We`ve had a great time working with Rose Hips, as seen in the above photo. They are a wonderful compliment to mixed berries. If you aren`t familiar with the taste of Rose hips, you will probably recognize their appearance, either from your own garden or from driving along Ottawa - Gatineau road ways... Rose Hips are what remains after the petals fall off of a Rose...

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