Because we understand that people have varying health, nutritional and personal preferences when it comes to what they eat, we offer our customers extensive options when ordering our whole fruit rice puddings.  Our Simply Fruit Rice Puddings can be custom fashioned in unlimited ways.


We offer a fully customized service for larger orders consisting of 5 kg or more, per flavor.

At Simply Fruit, we are very in tune with our clients, their health and dietary preferences, the

reality of diet restrictions and the variations in people's taste bud sensitivities. 

We are happy to work together with our clients to create a quality food item that is

healthy, fresh, tasty and versatile.


We keep our Order Process very user friendly and flexible.


First, decide on a flavor that you would like to order.   Take a peak at our

Favorite Flavors page to see some of our ever expanding repertoire of available flavors.


Choose the Sweetness Level : Light (breakfast sweetness)  or Regular (Dessert sweetness).  


Decide on the Sweetener that you would prefer. Choose from white sugar, brown

sugar, dark brown sugar, Demarra sugar, pure maple syrup, honey, date molasses, brown

rice syrup, grape syrup, apple butter, coconut sugar and carob syrup.  

Please ask us if you have other sweeteners in mind.  Remember that we can

make pretty much any of our Favorite Flavors as a Light/Lighter Sugar Version.


We offer a 'Classic' Rice Pudding texture, a 'Semi-Smooth' (apple sauce smooth) texture and a  'Smooth' (yogurt smooth) texture.  Our Smooth textured fruit rice puddings are perfect for young children and anyone with a texture aversion. 


We also offer Red Rice or Quinoa Fruit Rice Puddings.  For these options,

we generally mix the Quinoa or Red Rice with our regular rice blend but we can

make them without white rice if preferred.


Decide on the Format that best suits your needs: For our 'Fresh' puddings, choose from:  fresh in 12 oz clear plastic refrigerated portions or fresh in 5 kg refrigerated white food grade pails with handles. Our 'Frozen' puddings, are packaged in  12 oz  round, plastic,  freezer grade, microwave safe containers. Each kilo of Simply Fruit Rice Pudding is equal in volume to 3 of our 12 oz/ 340 gm retail & Farmer's Market sized plastic containers.


Our Frozen Products can be thawed in the refrigerator, the microwave, on a stove top or in an oven or toaster oven. We always recommend thoroughly heating our frozen rice puddings to restore the creamy, soft texture and consistency. Our 'frozen' puddings  keep for up to 3 months in the freezer, fully sealed in their packaging.  They can be enjoyed warm or cold from the fridge.  For full instructions on how to successfully thaw our frozen rice puddings quickly and effortlessly, please see Our Frozen Products page.


Our Fresh Rice Puddings can be refrigerated for up to 10 days and can be frozen

for up to 8 weeks.  If you need to freeze our 'fresh' rice puddings, please see Our Frozen Products  page for more information on achieving the best results. 


If you would like to try some samples of our products, visit us at our booth,

each Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm at the Carp Farmer's Market, from early May

til Halloween.  Or, keep up to date on where to find our Fruit Rice Puddings at local

retail outlets and craft markets throughout the Ottawa region.  We always do full

samplings at the farmer's / craft markets and organize regular pre-scheduled samplings,

on location, through our Retail Partners.  


For the latest news on where to find us, refer to

our Facebook page and

our Twitter page .

The Carp Farmer's Market is located about a 10 minute drive from

the Canadian Tire Center   and,  check out the Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum,  just minutes away, in Carp.  

Why not make a day of it!


We are always expanding and experimenting with different flavors, fruits, infusions, sweeteners, etc. We post our weekly  or Seasonal Menus on our above Facebook page before each event/market date.  We have so much fun inventing our original recipes for you.  We love to get your feedback.  Stop by and say Hi!  


So, you're not a rice pudding fan you say?!  Could we tempt you into trying  one of our 'Smooth texture' rice puddings then?  You may be pleasantly surprised.    


If you wish to place a large order of 5 kg or more, per flavor, contact us anytime. 


If you would like to place an order of less than 5 kg of our Fruit Rice Pudding, to be picked up at the Saturday Carp Farmer's Market or other area craft markets, please contact us in

advance of the market date to ensure that we have adequate stock available in your favorite flavors.  Or, stop by our booth and place your order in person for the next week's market or choose our delivery option.


Deliveries are available  on all custom orders within the  Ottawa - Gatineau region.

Minimum orders or a small delivery fee may apply.  Prices for our fruit rice puddings will vary depending on the above options that you have selected.  We pride ourselves on being flexible, creative and affordable.  Sliding scale, wholesale prices will apply on all large orders.  Please visit our B 2 B page for more information 


Contact us to discuss your requirements, preferences and to obtain a quote.  Some of our fruit flavors are seasonal, based on fruit availability.  


Allergen Alert:  All of our Fruit Rice Puddings contain Coconut Products.





Carp Farmer's Market Saturday's

8 am til 1 pm, early May  til  

 Halloween October 31st.

 join us!

Some of our alternate

sweetener options

Apple & Cranberry

Rice Puddings

Mixed Berry with Rose Hips

Rhubarb &  Orange

Rice Pudding

Gingered Peach