About My Little Rice Pudding Biz

Simply Fruit Rice Puddings came about as the result of my goal to dream up

a business and product that would get me into and make me a part of busy, dynamic farmers' markets.  I just loved the vibe of a busy bustling outdoor market.  A space filled with human interaction, wonderful aromas, the freshest produce, unique products and talented artisans.  In short, an environment filled with life.  So, I set about creating an original, on trend

and delicious product that would get me membership into them.  

All of my recipes are easy, adaptable and quite forgiving, in relation to the end results.  They are all vegan, gluten free, nut free, free of corn, soy and sulphites.  They are low fat, low sodium and low cholesterol.  Their sweetness varies by recipe from very light to more of a dessert range, but you can adjust the amount of sugar without altering the end product, other than it's sweetness.  All in all, I estimate that I have created well over 400 unique flavours.


I ceased production of my fruit rice puddings in the spring of 2020 thanks to Covid.  The outlook still hasn't improved much for me returning to Farmers' Markets into 2022. So, I have decided to offer my original hand crafted recipes to people, through this website and my business' social channels. 

As they are not currently available to purchase anywhere, this seems like

the next best option.  Enjoy!

Untitled design.png

 That's me, Melanie, on the far left, at an outdoor Farmers' Market.  One of my Happy Places.