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When you are as passionate about fresh fruit and Rice Pudding as we are, experimenting with new ways to combine the two is a natural pleasure.  Finding ways to do it in a way that supports and encourages healthful eating and purity of taste while maintaining as much of the fruit's natural nutrition is always a top goal at Simply Fruit Rice Puddings.  We have evolved Classic Rice Pudding's creamy rich texture and flavor with the addition of a  coconut milk and the freshest fruits.  Allergen Alert:  All of our Simply Fruit Rice Puddings contain Coconut Products.


We thought that the time had come to expand on  and update a long loved classic dessert.  At Simply Fruit Rice Puddings, making a beautiful looking and tasting product is always our number 1 priority.  The fact that our menu is completely Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan and our products are Low in  Fat, Cholesterol, Calories & Sodium, all of this, is just a bonus as far as we are concerned. If it doesn't taste great then none of that matters. We don't use any artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.  Our fruit rice puddings are available year round, either fresh or frozen.  Consult our Frozen Product page for complete instructions on how best to freeze and thaw our product or view our Current Menu page for complete ingredient information and nutritional analysis'. Please reuse &          our plastic containers


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